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Tuning Ghost and Ubuntu on Raspberry Pi

SD cards don't love alot of writes, so to reduce it some I turned off ghosts very promiscuous logging of all traffic to just report on errors only.

I added "level": "error",  to the config file at the root of the the Ghost install at /var/www/ghost so the logging entry looks like:

      "logging": {
        "level": "error",
        "transports": [

I also want to stop the logging of Ubuntu, which logs through the rsyslog daemon. I can stop it with this command: sudo systemctl stop rsyslog.service however on restart it will start back up again. To stop logging permentatly you need to use the following command: sudo systemctl disable rsyslog.service you can of course trade the disable for enable and start it back up if you need to debug again.

A SD card isn't the most reliable media in general even with logging turned off, so I backup my Ghost install nightly using the excellent Python tool and documentation by Ganapathy. [

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](https://www.syncwithtech.org/automated-backup-ghost-blog/) Ghost provides alot of other options as well with great  documentation here: [

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